Accounting Client Onboarding Checklist

bookkeeping onboarding checklist

By the end of the meeting you should have built a strong rapport between the client and your team, answered any of the client’s questions or queries, and outlined how the project will proceed. Once you have collected all the require information, you can now assign the client to the team taking over. Pro Tip, try to ensure that the lead point of contact has some commonalities with the client—this will help them build a strong working relationship. Before you begin working for a particular client, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary information to get started. Head on over to process streetfor more information and if you’re not onboarding with FileInvite already – start your free trial here.

One problem with both lead nurturing, and onboarding is that there’s too much talking. One way to gather information is by asking the right questions from your perspective.

It also demonstrates to your potential client that you’re thorough and professional when assessing your prospects. Maximize your conversions, acquire new clients, and grow your accounting practice with this process developed by BOSS. Download your free Onboarding a New Client template to personalize and use in your bookkeeping or accounting firm. If you’ve reached this destination and are now moving into your monthly process for accounting, reporting and advisory services, don’t stop the lessons. Provide your client with a way to hold you accountable for your promises, and make it clear that they will need to be accountable too.

The QBExpress Network of Accounting Firms and Bookkeeping Services hired top professionals in the industry to create easy to use checklists to save both time and money. A shorter onboarding period will increase the long-term success of your accounting firm. Each day that clients spend waiting in the onboarding phase to provide you with the necessary documents is time lost. To accelerate this process as much as possible should be the goal in order to make it as efficient as possible. Understanding your potential client’s motivations and expectations behind change within their accountants is a key factor in securing the deal. When it comes to client onboarding, the best place to start is by asking questions.

  • Maybe they created helpful visual data presentations to help them understand their portfolio value or financial reports.
  • As their bookkeeper or accountant, you’ll have to work with their accounting software, payroll schedule, and filing system.
  • It is much harder for clients to gather missing information, unaided, than to evaluate whether the pre-given information is right or wrong.
  • Before discussing anything else, you need to have an idea of what kind of business your prospective client has.
  • Even though 2020 was a transformational year for the Practice Ignition platform, we thought we’d start 2021 with a bang by releasing a numbe…
  • Review your client’s accounts and make adjusting journal entries at the end of the year using the Prep for taxes tool.

Stay up to date on the latest developments in workflow and content automation from the pioneers of automated document collection. We regularly interview automation and CX experts, gather client feedback, and share actionable insights and reports. The email I used was just a test address, but that’s not important. We now know that the action bookkeeping onboarding checklist step is firing a request to that email address pulled in from the Process Street checklist whenever it’s triggered. Onboarding should be seen as an opportunity to set a strong foundation upon which to build the future working relationship with new clients. You might have a separate folder or workspace where client-ready files live.

Business Plan

All of these steps are much more difficult, and time-consuming, to complete further down the road. By establishing your onboarding system, you are providing peace of mind and confidence to your client.

For instance, have a separate list for tax preparation, virtual CFO services, and monthly accounting clients. That said, we want to help you create your own accounting client onboarding process, so we are going to give you an example onboarding checklist for you to begin putting together your own checklist. This position builds and implements a comprehensive, client-focused, and scalable onboarding process for all e2E clients. Executes all client accounting onboarding tasks and is responsible for client and internal staff engagement throughout the process. Provides outstanding communication, accounting knowledge, coordination, project management, problem solving and trouble shooting skills to entrepreneurial clients by performing the following duties. This role will be client-facing and lead the client onboarding process personally and with internal staff to ensure a streamlined and effective client experience. You will be on the ground floor of a growing company that has a grand vision for success.

Proper research and setting expectations along with understanding clients’ needs are good points to start. Your accounting firm will be more successful in the long run if your onboarding time is reduced. Every day that clients spend in the onboarding phase waiting to provide you with the appropriate documentation is time lost.

bookkeeping onboarding checklist

Once they have access to the practice, you can grant them access to each client’s organization. Once the client’s Hubdoc organization is created, it’s automatically connected to their Xero organization. So many times we invest our time into the client, even more than they are willing to invest in themselves. This homework checklist will help guide the client with regards to things they should work on without you. First things first, you need to receive a signed contract from your client. If you do go ahead without this agreement you run the risk of wasting precious time and money on a redundant project. Go from onboarding chaos to streamlined system, one simple step at a time.

Overview Of Accounting Client Onboarding

It is usually best to limit the terminated employee’s access to his or her work area, information systems, and co-workers. Be sure to document all performance feedback given to the employee, including attempts to correct and/or coach him/her through a performance improvement plan. After you review the books and after you ensure that transactions are recorded properly, reconciled, and categorized properly, you need to make corrections and adjustments based on your review process. That means that you may need to reclassify transactions, re-categorize, and make other adjustments. You need to review the bank reconciliations, undeposited funds, the profit and loss accounts, balance sheet accounts, unidentified transactions, and other types of transactions and reports .

bookkeeping onboarding checklist

If your goal is to start or grow a virtual bookkeeping firm or add bookkeeping to your accounting practice, then we’re a perfect fit. As much as I love accounting and bookkeeping, I love teaching even more. I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience with you, so you can build a thriving practice without the guesswork.

Are Your Tax Returns Current?

At stage 4, you can request client approval on your document or set an online call with them. In this latter case, you can replace the second task with a ‘Send message with calendar invite’ one. Asking your potential client how they think you can add value to their company will help you understand which misconceptions they might have about your role. If you know of any recent changes in tax legislation that could affect your potential client, ask them about it. Pointing out their lack of knowledge can ultimately serve to make your firm even more valuable.

  • A detailed process that you can replicate for each new client is the only way to make sure all bases are covered.
  • It’s also important to list out all of the deductions your clients are eligible for.
  • Client onboarding deals with the crucial first impressions of new clients, setting them up for lifetime value, and squashing the seeds of churn before they can take root.
  • Summarize the conversation and share it with relevant members of the management team.
  • Take the time to define how your firm will communicate and evaluate whether the experience holds up to expectations.

If you require a deposit or payment upfront, now is the time to set that up, too. To ensure that your firm is coping up with all the guidelines and needs, there is software that can be used to help you with it, such as Hubdoc, Paychex, screenshot monitor, and many others. They can help you to streamline your operations and make them more efficient.

Maybe there is a step that can be automated or an email exchange that can be replaced by a simple form. Use the onboarding phase as an opportunity to refine the relationship between your firm and the client. When the meeting is booked, try to use Zoom or another video conferencing tool to have some face to face time with the client.

Get More Clients

This means that if you onboard a tax planning client and a CFO services client, the checklist for each of them will be very different. Therefore, you will need a checklist that is tailored to your specific industry and service. Onboarding is the process of taking someone who says ‘I’m interested in your service’ to becoming an actual paying client. Onboarding helps integrate your new client into your firm’s culture, processes and systems.

Second, the invisible nature of a virtual CAS process is hard for some people to grasp, because human beings are slower to trust that which they cannot see and touch. This allows you to have collaboration and communication between you and your team as well as your team and your clients. Alternatively, you can use all-in-one apps, such as Client Hub, Liscio, and Keeper. For file upload and sharing, whether for paper documents or for manual transactions, you can use a document management app, such as Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive. There’s no cost to add staff to your practice’s Hubdoc organization.

  • This accounting firm question is needed to comprehend their market size.
  • If that’s the case, you have to wait for the client to initiate this step—or nudge them to do so.
  • A short onboarding time is something that most successful accounting firms all have in common.
  • When it comes to working with apps and choosing the right tech tools, focus on what’s essential, and decide on the services you will provide.
  • New Client Interview – This interview document will outline your expectations of potential clients.

The client onboarding template is the perfect place to find out what you need to know. A detailed best practice checklist for onboarding new clients to your accounting firm, complete with internal tasks, client requirements, and email templates to send to your clients. Download our detailed best practice checklist for onboarding new clients to your accounting firm, complete with internal tasks, client requirements, and email templates to send to your clients. Once you’ve gathered all the necessary information to start services, a crucial point in the client onboarding process is to move as quickly as possible from historical data to current. If you are stuck because you are missing information, it’s OK to be persistent and ask again for what you require. Make it clear that you cannot proceed with delivering their service until you have the information required. If you use Karbon, use auto-reminders to take care of the client chase for you.

Automate Your Client Onboarding Process With Zapier

International financial reporting standard criteria are satisfied thanks to the asset management software. Data customization is additionally aided by asset status, history, and location management features. This accounting firm question is needed to comprehend their market size. Also, you can offer solutions to strategies for challenges clients are facing with their workforce. Once you’re done collecting basic information from a new client, engage them on a more personal level.

bookkeeping onboarding checklist

Avoid creating the feeling that your business operates in separate silos. You don’t want the client to feel like they are being “handed off” from sales to onboarding and starting all over again. And you don’t want anyone in your team wasting time searching in the wrong places for information.

Improve Your Productivity Automatically Use Zapier To Get Your Apps Working Together

Continue to keep in mind the client experience and keep communication consistent. Silos are a major source of frustration for clients who feel they are being “handed off” to someone else. Provide confidence for clients, by showing them that whoever they interact with is well-versed in the account. While your team should have a proven process for communication and ongoing work, you need to make sure you’re listening for pains from the client. If you are progressing through historical information, update the client on your progress.

The course also covers measurement systems, a new employee checklist, and a number of special onboarding challenges. When fully implemented, the concepts covered by this course can put a noticeable dent in your new hire turnover rate. Here’s an example of a prospective tax client onboarding checklist template.

As you improve the efficiency of your firm with an objective of growing your revenue, there’s one key process you should be looking at above all others—client onboarding. Make use of a solution such as Ignition or GoProposal to send your proposals and first engagements with clients. Integrate that system with Karbon so that the correct workflows are triggered automatically the moment your client signs their agreement. The first steps will already be underway and your team notified, without you needing to do a thing. This checklist makes the steps manageable and keeps everyone on task. This also allows you something to refer to, in the event communication starts to break down. Rather than simply following up about the next step, you can approach the client in context—pointing out how close you are to completion.

From your client’s Xero organization, click the organization name, then select Hubdoc. New Client On-boarding Tasks – This list will help you stay on track as to what tasks need to be accomplished when on-boarding a new client. When you are ready, close the clients’ books to prevent unwanted changes before filing taxes.

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